June 13

Flat Website Design – The Latest Trend

Flat Web Design

Flat website design is bringing web design back to a more basic look and feel, but taking the style to another level. Basic does not necessarily mean boring. Just think about screen of your ios device – simple yet stylish.

With a flat web design you are not using gradients or anything too spectacular. You are using basic colors and shapes, and simplifying all aspects of the site.  Your web design is clear, clean and colourful.

Here are some examples:


You could call flat website designs:

  • Super Clean
  • Simple Layout
  • Colourful
  • Modern
  • Easy to Navigate

Responsive Web Design Plays Nice with Flat Website Design

We believe that you will start to see more flat website designs in the coming months. This type of design is not for every industry and every business but it is something to think about when you are speaking with your next website designer. The simplicity and usability of a flat web design may even let you get a few more years of your designs since it may be more timeless than other designs…only time will tell!


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