February 13

Four Questions to Ask Before Overhauling Your Company Logo


Re-branding your company’s logo should be one of the most carefully thought-out decisions you ever make for your business. Hastily adopting a new logo design can backfire for your image and may literally cost you customers. On the other hand, using re-branding properly can generate new revenue for you and open markets you’d struggled to break into with your old brand.

Are You Simplifying or Complicating your Brand?

Remember that golden rule with logo design –  “Less is More”. You want iconic and memorable, while being easily replicable for whatever purpose you might need. It must look good on screen, print, and large scale. If you’ve been using a one-color design for two decades, don’t hustle your way into a multi-color design.

What are the most memorable logos you can think of? Nike comes quickly to mind and is always in the global top 10. The ‘ nike swoosh’ is easily modified by color and placement but remains constant in its simple form. Nike knows better than to risk that, and you should too.

On the other hand you can see that Apple has steadily progressed from a complicated illustration of Isaac Newton to a rainbow colored apple to today’s very simple mono-tone fruit. It’s bold, striking, and I would be very surprised if they ever changed it again.

Do You Have Something to Lose?

If you’re a brand new company that hasn’t managed to build a base then maybe a new logo is the right choice, especially if you didn’t love your first iteration. But that’s also where you went wrong — don’t launch until you’re 100 percent ready and happy with your brand. By the time you’re thinking about changing your logo, a good business should have something to lose.

People will recognize your logo, especially in an age of online marketing and social media. Completely changing your look can confuse customers and you risk loosing them.

Has Your Company Shifted Its Focus?

If your firm has changed its focus from one solution to another, then perhaps a logo that better describes what you do would be better. These are just a few reasons why you may change your logo.

Are You Passionate About Your New Design?

Your logo is the face of your firm. Get it right the first time and dont settle. Use a good Ottawa design firm that has a reputation for designing high end logo designs.



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