December 4

How Much Can You Make on Youtube?


Did you realize that you make a cut of the ad revenues on youtube if you allow ads to be placed on your video? Everyone has seen the Gagnam Style video.

Number of YouTube views of the “Gangnam Style” video (as of 1 p.m., November 30): 853,942,076

Standard rate that YouTube pays to video publishers for every 1,000 views: Approx $2

Estimated total YouTube revenue received by Team Psy: $1,707,884.15

YouTube’s estimated cut: $1,366,307.32 (Based on rates provided by Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo, a top YouTube partner.)

Psy’s estimated revenues from U.S. digital music sales of “Gangnam Style”: $243,720 (Per a calculation by entertainment lawyer Steve Gordon, applying standard American royalties to the 2.7 million copies the song has sold.)

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