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Welcome to Force5 SitePromote. We specialize in helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Unlike other online marketing companies, our results speak for our quality and expertise. We don’t go after simply ‘ranking’ your website for certain terms, but through proper research and analysis, we rank your website for terms that get the highest conversion rates. You’re here for one reason; you want to increase your business through online marketing. You want to reach customers you haven’t reached before. Results could be quantified by leads, sales, or brand awareness – whatever your objective is; our goal is to meet it with the highest ROI.

Explore this section, and when you’re ready, contact us for a free consultation, market, competitive, and site analysis.

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are many questions you may have. Two of the most common questions we hear are:

  1. With so many ways to market online these days, how do I maximize my budget by spending the right amount on the right campaign?
  2. With millions of users on the Internet every day, how do I get the ones to come to my site that matter the most, and not spend my marketing budget on traffic that won’t convert to new business?

ForceFive Media provides the perfect range of online marketing services that are designed to get more money and more customers to your business. We know how important visitors are to your website. We know that a pretty website is just a pretty website – to make money from it, you need traffic. And not any kind of traffic, TARGETED TRAFFIC!

Understanding the Elements of SEO Can Mean More Targeted Traffic and Customers

Most online marketing campaigns hinge on the power of SEO (search engine optimization) because SEO is one of the most powerful tools available to draw more potential customers to your website. To understand how SEO works, consider the way that most people look up information on the Internet. When most people want to find something online, they type a keyword into a search engine such as Google and that search engine finds relevant results. What if your company was consistently showing up on that first page of search results when potential customers were looking for help online? You would enjoy more traffic and potentially more business.

SEO can make it happen because SEO campaigns add the specific keywords that your potential customers are looking for. A good Ottawa search engine optimization firm such as ForceFive can add the right keywords to your website in the right amounts to attract the attention of search engines. This can encourage search engines to give you a high ranking on search results, which in turn means more traffic for you.

There are many websites promising to show you how to add some SEO sparkle to your website, but unless you have enormous amounts of SEO experience, it can be next to impossible to optimize your website yourself. Just researching keywords can take weeks if you are not sure how to research effectively. Determining how many times to use keywords can also be difficult. Keep in mind that using too many keywords is considered “spam” and search engines will actually not rate your website very highly if you do this.

While some overseas companies offer discount SEO services, these are not always a great idea, either. Many companies using these services find that their SEO campaigns do not work as well. This is because SEO campaigns in fact are comprised of several complex parts. To get the best results, you need an excellent SEO company to guide your company through all the various stages of your SEO campaign.

A quality Ottawa SEO company such as ForceFive Media can help your website and your company excel at every stage of the SEO process:

  1. Matching SEO needs to your business. A good Ottawa search engine optimization company will first of all listen to your needs. Not every company is the same, and therefore not every company has the same SEO needs. Be wary of Ottawa SEO services or any SEO services offering cookie-cutter solutions. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. To be really successful, you need to set goals for your SEO. For example, do you want to just drive more traffic to your site or do you want to build brand awareness or make more sales? Depending on how you answer this question, you may need a more aggressive (or less aggressive) SEO strategy or you may need to combine your SEO campaign with others forms of marketing.
  2. Market research and industry research. To understand what SEO strategy works best for you, your Ottawa SEO firm should conduct exhaustive market and industry research. Who are the customers you are trying to reach and how do they use the Internet? Determining this is vital to deciding which keywords to use and which marketing strategies are most likely to be a success. Your Ottawa SEO company should also research your industry. Who is successful and what are they doing right (and wrong)? How are other companies in your market attracting traffic and what will it take to make your website compete successfully? Although many SEO companies ignore this step, understanding your market and your competition is vital for creating an SEO campaign that gets real results.
  3. Keyword research. Once your SEO company understands your objectives, market, and industry, they will conduct keyword research on your behalf. When it comes to SEO, Ottawa has many companies offering this service. To chose the right company for you, ask how they conduct keyword research. A good SEO service will conduct exhaustive research into how your target market actually uses keywords. This will help determine which keywords you really need to use. Avoid companies that just use online keyword generators without any thought.
  4. Writing and optimization. Once your SEO firm has the keywords in hand, they will begin creating content for your website, blogs, and other online spaces. Depending on your specific SEO strategy, your Ottawa SEO service may also create articles for you to post on article directories or in newsletters. This is where a quality Ottawa search engine optimization company really makes a big difference. A good company will hire talented, professional copywriters. These writers will be able to craft well-written and interesting content for your site. This is vital. You want your content to be well-written so that it bolsters the professional image of your company while also encouraging potential visitors to visit again. You also want to ensure that your SEO services are working with talented writers who can include keywords into your content organically, without awkward sentences.
  5. Testing. A good Ottawa SEO firm will test your website and your SEO campaign to ensure that you are getting the great results you deserve. The company may adjust keywords, keyword density, or content updates as needed to generate the success you want.
  6. Conversion Strategies. When it comes to SEO, many Ottawa SEO companies ignore conversion strategies, and at ForceFive Media we cannot imagine why. To our team at Force5, conversion is one of the essential elements of SEO campaigns and a powerful tool for generating real results from your SEO campaign. Conversion simply means creating a strategy which converts your website visitors into paying customers. If you want real results from your SEO campaign, you will need a good conversion strategy to ensure that visitors to your website actually become customers. This strategy may include special online offers, free gifts with purchase, calls to action, and other techniques. Your Ottawa SEO services can help you decide how to best approach conversion.

If you want to choose a great SEO company, Ottawa, Ontario offers you many options, but not all are the same quality. Not every SEO company in Ottawa offers the quality and results you want. Now that you understand the steps and stages of a successful SEO campaign, you can find a wonderful search engine marketing company in Ottawa by examining the specific areas of a successful SEO campaign.