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Logo Design and Brand Creation

Logo Design

Nothing is more important to the success of a new firm than it’s branding. Without a great logo to catch the attention of potential customers, you run the risk of continuing to be invisible on the local Ottawa and international market. It doesn’t take a lot of money to secure a great logo and branding for your new venture, just a bit of inspiration, creativity, and simplicity. Consider the following ideas when selecting a new logo to represent your business:

The Simplicity of Your Message

Coming up with a new logo and brand for your business might seem like a daunting task, especially the first time that you design a concept representation of your firm. This can lead people down the wrong road, trying to communicate too many flashy and intensive ideas in too small of a visual spot. Instead approach the design of your logo from a place of simplicity . You can always make a logo more complex in the future, but during the first few months and years of a business endeavor, a simple design should be clear enough for the viewer to read and understand.

Logo Design Symbolism and Memorability

Though having a clean logo design is critical for a business’ success, it’s also important to have something memorable that  potential customers can latch onto and remember. In certain cases, you may wish to incorporate some kind of symbolism within the text or visual design of your company’s logo. Before setting down to draft a logo design, take a look at the established symbolism within the logos in your company’s industry, especially your closest competitors. Memorability is the goal: think about the most common logos you’ve seen companies like Nike or Starbucks – though the style of their logo may have changed slightly over the years, they remain as internationally-recognized symbols. That being said, don’t have the same color text or similar look as your biggest rival company, because people need to be able to differentiate between your firm and the others in the industry.

Setting a Professional Tone with Design

If you want to send a clear, strong, and professional image to your audience consider reflecting this in the overall look of your logo. A logo is the face of your company, so it should be attractive and inviting. During the initial period when you establish your firm, you will want to focus on a simple logo design such as the name of your company in a legible font and sophisticated color. You could draw inspiration by searching the Pantone website for particular shades that you feel capture the underlaying goal of your company’s mission. Ask a few of your trusted customers to look at the markups of your logo and discuss if the message that they get is clear and professional.

Designing a more complicated logo can be very difficult on your own, especially when your expertise is in running a business and not in the creative arts. This is where a good Ottawa logo design firm can help you.


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