April 26

Photography and Your Business

Photography, Web Design

Your website is often only as pretty as the photography and images that are on it. A beautiful website template can be ruined by poorly taken pictures.

Lets take the case of getting head shots of company staff to display on a website.

We commonly see 3 categories of images:


1. “Hey everyone, go on Facebook and send me a picture where you have less than 4 beers in you!”

Uh oh. This always results in a gallery of horrors that no web designer can photoshop away.

What this says to people viewing your site:
“We don’t really care what you think of us, we just wanted some pictures on our about page.”

2. “My daughter bought me a digital camera in 2002, I’ll see if I can find it!”

This is one we see a lot. The staff member sitting nervously on his or his office chair, the bright flash in a dark room washing out all of the details of the face, a big ugly shadow on the wall behind the person. Some photoshopping can be done to correct exposure issues but the images are often too far gone to make respectable.

What this says to people viewing your site:
“Here are some mediocre pictures of our mediocre staff.”

3. “Attention everyone! We will be doing a staff photo shoot with a professional photographer on this date so please get a haircut and wear nice clothes.”

These are beautiful, well exposed, high resolution images. An absolute delight for web designers to work with. They don’t have to be straight-faced images on a white background; feel free to get creative with various settings and poses so long as it reflects your brand and personalities.

What this says to people viewing your site:
“We care enough about our staff to make sure that they are presented in a professional way that represents our values and culture. We’ve done such a great job with taking these pictures that you can bet the products and/or services we provide are just as creative and professional.”


This goes beyond simple staff head shots. The same rules apply for photos of your office, products, etc. By taking your time to ensure that a few elements such as lighting, composition and expression are consistent, you can greatly improve your online impression.
As the saying goes: How you do anything is how you do everything – Make sure that the images and graphics on your website are sending the right message to your potential clients.

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