February 7

Pinterest and Your Business

Pinterest, Social Media

What is Pinterest and how can you use it in your business and marketing mix? Pinterest let’s you virtually pin pictures associated with hyperlinks to the best ideas and products from the internet. You can find great new items, organize them on your pin boards, and then share your own products across the platform driven by a female audience. Sounds pretty great, right? Now, you just have to learn how to use this tool and the audience it owns, to benefit your business.

This blog post is Pinterest for dummies for you and your business

Find interesting people and companies to follow. Then link your account to Facebook or Twitter, and Pinterest will give you some suggestions for who you should follow based on your other social-media and surfing habits. After that find other pinners who have similar interests to you – and browse for great ideas. At the top of your homepage, check out the categories under “Everything” to find a mishmash of ideas and links floating around. In your feed if a contact repins a link to a site with a great idea, you can trail the person or brand that initially pinned it. From there you can find cool people or brands to follow, or even individual boards so you don’t clog your stream with too much information.

You need to exercise organizational skills and clearly label your boards. Short to the point, but descriptive titles are key to a loyal following.

How to Make Money from Your Boards

You want to get repins and get followers. To start out put a button on your blog to show your website visitors that you’re on Pinterest. Repin your favorite links. Seasonal items are always very hot. Pin hot topics: the ones with lots of likes and comments are a good place to start as they are on everyones radars. Try to think about what other people would find relevant at the time and repin them.

Pinterest and Search Engine Optimization

Use targeted keywords in the names of your boards and pins to make your content SEO-rich and pick up more followers organically. Pinning a red pair of nike shoes look to your “Shoes” board? Make sure to add a caption to the pin with words like “nike,” “shoes,” “red,” and “ginger shoes” so Pinterest will pick your pin up in the search results.

Keep it Simple Stupid

Simplify. Use original and great photography. Easy-to-understand pins, titles and captions. Keep it simple, keep it straightforward, and don’t get too fancy. The best pins are eye-catching and easily recognizable. Pin images and links that your followers don’t have to wonder about. The best Pinterest users make the process fun by making it simple.

Add Pricing

If you’re selling products add a price banner to the corner of the photo. Simply type out the value within the caption, like “Red Nike Shoes, $89.” Great prices will entice buyers to check it out, and also allow for potential shoppers to budget your item onto their wish list boards.

See who’s pinning you. Want to know how many people are pinning content from your boards? Use this trick to keep track of your progress: Pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com. **change yourwebsite.com to your website URL

Get Pinning!

If you use these simple yet effective tips, your Pinterest boards will be flooding traffic to your site in no time. Sales and leads will follow 😉


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