June 20

Social Media Marketing

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The amount of time a person spends using social media on their phone, tablet or computer is constantly on the rise. Not having such portable devices is rare and taboo nowadays. And as the number of devices and hours of usage grow, businesses must follow along with the social trends.

Social media is a very powerful medium for getting information to consumers quickly and efficiently. The virality posts can receive on social media is huge in attracting and interacting with consumers. And as these platforms continue to grow having a positive appearance across many is key for marketing.

Relevant Content

No one likes that annoying Facebook or Twitter account that creates posts every two minutes with useless information. The best way to attract key market consumers is by writing posts that have relevant information. Think about posting useful information that catch peoples attention, whether that is with relevant articles, questions, or promotions. People want to read interesting information that obviously has something to do with your business.

Target Audience

The most basic thing to figure out when making marketing decisions is who your target audience is. Knowing who your target audience is can then be applied to your social media strands. Posting information that will apply to this audience is a smart way to get your name out there.

Specific strands of social media also apply to different target markets. Therefore, you have to make decisions on which ones most suit your consumer base. For example, using LinkedIn as a platform isn’t a smart idea for every business because only a specific audience uses it on a daily basis.


Yes, keeping social media pages up to date can be hard, but disappearing for months at a time isn’t a good marketing strategy. By frequently engaging with your social media community you can create relationships that will greatly benefit you. Creating a social media schedule is the best way to remind yourself to post information and keep all of it up to date. Audiences will more likely follow you if you have consistent posts across all social threads.

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