“Old School” Marketing Strategies that Still Work

Basic marketing strategies, also known as “old school” marketing, have been proven over the years to help businesses ramp up their marketing plans and brand awareness. These are basic marketing initiatives that came before the digital world and have been used by companies for many years. Here are some strategies that you might want to try out for your business!

Competitor Analysis

Conducting a competitor analysis can help you find a position within your market and give you an idea of your ideal customer. This step should be the first thing you do to build your entire marketing plan as it creates a baseline for your business and marketing initiatives. Keeping up to date on your competitors marketing can also help you come up with new and creative ideas for your company and how you can increase sales through these strategies.

Cold Email

Finding potential customer emails online is a simple task that can kick off your marketing strategies. After creating a list of emails, using a program like MailChimp will allow you to send company promotional emails to potential customers. Cold emailing can be considered a less intrusive way of marketing to customers than cold calling. It can be a successful strategy if the right people are emailed and the content of the email is straight to the point and engaging enough for people to open it.

Referral Program

Creating a referral program for current and future customers can help with your customer retention. This is an easy and smart way to keep customers coming back for repeat purchases and for keeping them in your good books. A referral program can be as simple as receiving a small discount or free item after collecting a certain amount of points from previous purchases. Having a referral program also creates an opportunity for your customers to recommend your products to others and speak positively about your brand.


Creating a strategic website that can easily generate leads for your business is key to any marketing plan and to running a business. This plays a huge role on your digital strategy that can come after your try out these marketing ideas. Having a website that has necessary information about your company and is easy to navigate is the way you want to go in order to inform your customers and produce leads easily. Contact us to get your website project started!


Asking past customers for testimonials gives you easy content to share on your website and social media accounts. Having a testimonial section on your website also gives visitors the opportunity to get an idea of how you do business and treat customers. These testimonials can also be shared across all your social media platforms for the public to see.

Client Gifts

Sending thoughtful gifts to past clients allows you to create positive, lasting relationships that will benefit your business in the long run. Whatever you decide to send, make sure it has some type of reference to your company so the customer is reminded of the gesture for a good period of time. This marketing strategy is another way to create positive word of mouth between past, current and potential customers.

Flyers & Promotional Material

Leaving some type of flyer, brochure or promotional material explaining your services and products at local coffee shops, grocery stores or businesses is a low cost marketing strategy that can generate leads and brand awareness. Passing these types of marketing material out at local events is also a great location. Mail outs to apartments and houses can also create potential leads and brand awareness within your community.

Need help with any of these marketing strategies? We can help! Contact us today and we’d be happy to talk about your project with you.

Holiday Small Business Marketing Ideas

Bundle Services or Products

As the holidays approach, customers look for great bargains and gift ideas. Bundle complementary services and products for the holiday season and offer discounts. For example, you could bring in a photographer to take holiday pictures and offer a discount on a picture frame to go with the purchase of any picture package.

Give Out Free Gifts

Retail sales peak between Nov 15 and Dec 27. Buyers are prepared to spend their money, so it is sometimes just a matter of offering them more incentive to come spend money at your business. Give out free gifts to customers who spend a set amount at your business. Offer different levels of gifts for the people that purchase more products and the chance to be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

Have Multiple Promotion Days

You need to create several promotional days during the holiday season to keep the sales momentum going. Do not rely on just one day to generate your holiday sales. Use the month after Black Friday to create as promotional buying days to keep the momentum going.

Special Services

If you can add value to your store’s offering beyond the promotional savings, then you may be able to grab more business. Offer customers free gift wrapping or free shipping. Offer a service that helps people to think of gift ideas and points shoppers to the correct part of the store to find suggested gifts. If you can help make people’s holiday shopping experience easier, and they may spend more money with your small or medium business.

Partner with Other Businesses

You can increase your company’s visibility if you partner with complimentary sellers and develop a network that customers can use to get what they need. For example, if you own a record and CD store, team up with the stereo store. Send them customers looking for stereo equipment, and they can send you customers looking for music. Share in advertising costs with your partners and lower your marketing costs for the season.