February 8

Tips for Designing a Great Business Card

Print Design

Business cards are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your small business. They are an initial contact for you and your business. So it is very crucial to make the right impression on it.

If you want your card to work for you it needs to be well thought out and designed to be appropriate and effective. It needs to stand out from your competition without being over the top.

Below are some tips on how to best design your business card:

  • Go for quality of stock. Don’t use staples print at home packages or vista print. The stock is cheap and its apparent when you feel the card.
  • Accentuate your name – Make it easy to read and bolder than the font around it
  • Give yourself a title no matter how small your business is.
  • Include all the necessary information.  Contact details are mandatory, whether it is a phone, number, fax number or email address.
  • Including your mailing address depends on the style of business you operate, but be warned that a lack of address reduces credibility to some people.
  • Make the info accurate. Ensure all details are correct before printing and update the cards when details change.
  • If it is not obvious what your firm does, include a line to describe it.
  • Keep it appropriate. Think of who your audience is and keep the card in tone with them.
  • Be creative. You want your card to stand out – but don’t go crazy. Get a professional designer to come up with a concept for you.
  • Keep it clear. Information on the card must be easily read, so don’t add more than necessary.
  • Stick to a standard size print. Making your card bigger than standard cards will make it harder for people to put them in their wallet or pocket.
  • Include the url of your web site – for many firms the lack of a web site on the card could lose some leads.
  • Use your original logo on your cards, as well as on your stationary, web site and brochures. Keep it consistent.
  • Consider different cards for different purposes, if appropriate and even in different languages if you intend expanding overseas.

It takes time to design the perfect business card for your business, but the effort will be worth it when it brings in more customers! If you need help there are many local Ottawa business card designers to help you!


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