January 19

To Wrap, or Not to Wrap?

Traditional Marketing

You see them everywhere…trucks with construction company logos, vans with florists names on them, hummers with martial arts training studios, and everything else you can think of. Is it worth it? What are the pros vs. cons and what are the costs?

When you compare vehicle wraps to other forms of advertising you can make a great case for it. Depending on how often and where you drive you can potentially be getting a lot of brand awareness from your vehicle wrap. Seeing as the cost is anywhere from a grand to about four depending on how you do it (full vs partial wrap or decals) it is inexpensive compared to most print campaigns.

It makes it much easier to write off your vehicle milage (you can send a picture of it to the tax man if he doesn’t believe you). You can gain brand awareness in your local area very quickly from people noticing your vehicle. It also works as a great conversation starter when parking around town. Keep lots of cards in your glove box!

The key is getting a good design that both looks good on your vehicle and stays on brand.

The only downside I can see is that once you get a wrap done you will need to spend more time keeping your vehicle clean. You are also always a company rep when in the vehicle so road rage and aggressive driving must be kept in check.

So in conclusion if you drive around enough and can shell out for a good design it may be worth making part of your marketing mix.

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