March 8

WordPress for Business Owners – Understanding Why You Should Use It


Way back in the golden days (hahaha) of website design (you know, the 1990’s) people created their corporate websites using static HTML pages. These websites are made up of different physical files – a separate physical file for each web page. Every time you went to update the site, you had to upload a new file via ftp. There were also some major limitations on the ways you could design, layout and add functionality.

In our humble (but very experienced 🙂 opinion, anyone still using one of these 1990’s outdated websites is a nut job.

Flash forward to today and the most popular platforms for building a website is a thing called WordPress. When most non-technical people think of WordPress, they think of a blogging system. WordPress has an identity crisis. WordPress is far more than for blogging. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) with incredibly powerful capabilities that come right our of the box. And more functionality is easy with the addition of plugins.

What in the name of Jebas does that mean?

A content management system is a platform for managing the content (pages, blogs, articles, news, etc) on your corporate website. There are many many content management systems on the market, but honestly, you dont need to look anywhere else then WordPress.

What’s so awesome about WordPress?

For starters – WordPress is an open source. This means it is free to use…Bonus! Because access to WordPress support is so easy, developers from all over the globe have added to the WordPress community. WordPress has a huge following of technical supporters, and this translates directly into new  plugins, capabilities, and other cool functionality advances to the platform. Developers are also constantly creating new WordPress themes and doing things that make WordPress better. This translates into cool things for free for your business!

Why do we love WordPress?

All that global collaboration has made WordPress into the coolest, simplest content management system on the market – period. Not only is it easy for us to design and develop unreal websites using WordPress but it makes updating it from your end easy also. You dont need to pay us to develop functionalities that are already available as plugins. Once we have your website up and running for you, we then train you on how to keep your new website updated. This saves time, and lots of support costs down the road. Its win-win!

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