4 SEO strategies that can help your Ottawa Business

When running a business in Ottawa, you might find it hard to utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) to maximum advantage. If you want to get around such a headache, then you should absolutely look to pick up on some key SEO strategies. What, then, are some proven SEO strategies which are likely to produce positive results for your business in Ottawa?

How can you best develop a stronger presence via SEO whilst ensuring that the results are going to be worthwhile? What can you do to ensure your Ottawa business sees success?

Investing in guest posts

A good way to get your name out there and boost SEO is through guest posting. This means creating authoritative, exciting, engaging content that is then shared on the website of another company. Why is this useful? Because you get to showcase your authority through another website. This then links back to your own website, making sure you can speak to a much wider audience than ever before.

The main challenge you face when investing in guest posts is ensuring you pick locations with high enough traffic and an audience that suits what you have to say.

Localising your reviews

A good way to take your business a next stage up in terms of local SEO is to encourage reviews. Try and offer some kind of incentive for your customers to think about getting involved with reviews. From being entered into raffle draws to encouraging them to do so for potential discounts, you should give them the opportunity to want to leave a review.

This is great as companies with high reviews on local directories, review sites, and local business pages such as Google My Business can be useful for improving your SEO ranking long-term.

Localising your website

If you target Ottawa specifically, or even a specific area within Ottawa, you should localise your SEO to fit that. This means creating new content and adjusting old content to speak to that specific audience. This means adding localisation into everything from header tags to the content itself. Try and stick to one mention of the location once every 150-200 words. This offers fair density whilst allowing the content to read naturally.

This makes your website more powerful from a local SEO perspective, whilst also ensuring that results are likely to be coming from your catchment area.

Localised partnerships

You don’t have to see every business in the area as your enemy. Instead, look for niches and industries that complement your own and see if you can find an agreement or partnership. You could advertise one another, post guest posts for one another, run side-by-side social media campaigns etc.

There are many ways to make your Ottawa business more SEO proficient. From making your content localised to the area to really focusing on making reviews a bit part of your project, you can find that there are numerous useful ways to create partnerships that actually last for the duration intended.