Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer an optional nice to have. It’s now a must and can be a piece that if you add can propel you past your competitors. 

Social media provides plenty of potential to connect with stakeholders, clients and potential customers. Build your brand loyalty and gain credibility through a well thought out and executed social media presence and by engaging consistently and with purpose.

Some questions we regularly field about social media marketing in Ottawa: 

  • How do I get started in social?
  • Which social media channels are the right ones to choose for my business?
  • How do I incorporate the right brand image for my social illustrations and photos?
  • What is the right mix of business and personal for my channels?

Our team at ForceFive Media can assist you with your social media strategy. We will research your target audience and the competitive marketplace. Our social media management services include: drafting social editorial calendars, social copywriting and posting, social engagement, follower/fan building, social contesting and promotions, social media coaching and consulting, online reputation management, content/blog content writing, social media advertising, and social media branding.

Great social media management is more than just posting regularly to Facebook or Instagram. It's now essential to have a social media plan in place, along with consistent execution of that plan that integrates into your company’s overall business and marketing strategy.