4 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

If you intend to run any kind of business today, then you need to have a solid digital marketing strategy. Even if you only intend to focus on a very local area like Ottawa, you still need some kind of presence online. The vast majority of the modern world today will use the internet for something – in many cases, to find a solution to a problem.

If you want to make your business the solution to said problem, you need to market yourself to make yourself more apparent. How, though, can you do this digitally?

Focus on local marketing

As mentioned above, focusing on your local area, such as Ottawa, is very important. Even if this is your only catchment area, having a major focus on local Ottawa marketing is vital. We recommend that you look to start focusing on localizing keywords. So, if you were running a plumbing business, you might want to write more content revolving around keywords like ‘plumbers in X’, with X being the name of the town/area/region that you happen to be servicing.

This helps to localise your business and boost your chances of appearing on local search queries for people in your area.

Invest in Google My Business

Today, using your Google My Business (GMB) page is essential to your digital marketing. Make sure you claim this and set it up today. It only takes a few basic details about your business. It means that anyone looking for your company, or companies like yours, on Google will be met with a little virtual card that shows them your company name, location, contact details, and website/social media.

It helps to create a sense of immediate trust and can ensure that your company is recognized easier by those looking to hire you in the future.

Get on social media

Even if you don’t see yourself as someone who is big into social media, your customers likely are. Ignoring the importance of things like social media customer support and promotions is a bad idea.

Even if you only post it for a weekly giveaway competition, for running easier customer support, or for prospecting for clients/customers, you should always be using social media today. Schedule a few posts per week and keep yourself in the eye of your clients and customers, ensuring that they find it that bit harder to forget about your business and its options.

Get guest posting

A good way to raise your authority is to invest in the art of guest posting. Today, a guest post is a useful way to answer a common problem that your customers/clients tend to find. You can use the problem as a showcase of an issue that can be solved with a solution. Either provide a link to buy the solution, or give out the solution as free knowledge with a link back to your business for more expert insight and advice.

Often, the best thing you can do when it comes to social media marketing is to invest heavily in the way your business is found. By using the four above tips, though, you should find it much easier to deliver cost-effective, consistent digital marketing. 

If you need help with your Ottawa digital marketing strategy we can help! We offer a variety of services that can help your business grow. Give us a call to chat!